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What is a Yarn Crawl & other FAQs

What is a Yarn Crawl?

We’re glad you asked! A Yarn Crawl is a trip to see several local yarn shops. In our case, we’ll be visiting local yarn shops all along the James River, tracing the path of this mighty river through Virginia.

Are there special prizes for visiting each shop?

You’d better believe it! We’ll be handing out passports that you can get stamped when you make a purchase at each shop. If you fill out every slot on your passport, you get a special surprise for making it to the end!

I'm bringing my daughter, can we both get a passport?

You can! There's one passport per person, so you can each get one!

How can I participate?

Come visit each shop along the way. We’ll be giving away prizes, hanging out and knitting, and celebrating our fiber community across Virginia!

What happens when I get my stamp from each shop?

If you get all the stamps, the last shop you’re at, give your passport to the shop owner (we wrap up on memorial day when we'll all be open from 10-2). The following Tuesday everyone who filled out the passport will be entered in the prize pool.

What's in this prize pool??

Excellent question! Each shop is providing a basket of goodies worth $150, and there is a grand prize of $1000 basket. PLUS each shop will be doing in store prizes during the two week yarn crawl

Are there special events in the shops during the yarn crawl?

You bet your booty there are! Check out our special events page to learn more

What else do I need to know?

That’ll do it for now! check back here as we keep developing our plans & we’ll keep you posted!